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Kurl-on Exchange Offer

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With an extensive selection of mattresses, curtains and bedding items along with superior customer service, NEW KALINATH BEDDING STORES helps you find exactly what you need. Keep reading to learn more about what we have to offer and get a quote for bespoke orders.

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A Bit about Us

A retail bedding store in India (WEST BENGAL) is called New Kalinath Bedding Stores.In 1949, the foundation was laid.When it comes to high-quality goods and services like Kurlon Mattress, Relaxon Mattress, and Spring Air Mattress, New Kalinath Bedding Stores, which was first established as a store, is recognised as the top wholesaler.  The given goods and services are highly known for our high quality, affordable costs, necessary functionality, and low maintenance requirements. The business is based in Kurl-on is available from the company in a variety of ranges and models thanks to their skilled workforce, strict quality control procedures, and emphasis on customer care. We offerings to our clients and customers at prices that are competitive with the market.In Kolkata, West Bengal, New Kalinath Bedding Stores is a wholesaler of kurl-on, kurlon mattresses, and other bedding related products (pillow, curtains, blanket, bedsheet, etc.).

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Monday - SUNDAY 11:00am - 8:00pm

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NEW KALINATH BEDDING STORES is where shoppers of all interior bedding styles discover an ever-changing and evolving selection of home decor from far and wide. Our catalog is unique, and we work hard to ensure you'll find just what you have been searching for.

NEW KALINATH BEDDING STORES strives to offer customers modern pieces that will make them feel most at home. We believe that living spaces should reflect our personality, and we are dedicated to helping you find yours. From fine decor and home accessories to custom-made items, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

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Credit Card, Cash, Cheque & Debit card Accepted

we also deal in Bajaj EMI CARD (extra charge apply on this card)

Competitive Pricing

Warranty as per manufacture company norms

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